(BBC table)

  • The Conservatives have won two councils from No Overall Control, lost six to the Liberal Democrats and 13 to NOC.  They are down 433 councillors as we write.
  • Labour has gained one council from NOC, lost three to NOC and is down 81 councillors.
  • The Liberal Democrats have won two councils from NOC as well as those six from the Tories, and are up 301 councillors.  So they are the main winners so far.
  • There is a modest Green advance (up 38 seats) and a UKIP near-collapse (they are down to 17 seats in total).,

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  • What is emerging so far is a very bad performance by the Conservatives and a bad one for Labour.  It was expected that voters would punish Theresa May.  But they are taking a swipe at Jeremy Corbyn, too.
  • Broadly speaking, the Tories are being punished twice over – by Remain voters in Remain areas and Leave voters in Leave ones.  But there is some evidence that they are faring less poorly among the latter in the midlands and the north.  That’s where Labour is taking a visible hit.  So it is that the Conservatives have taken control of Walsall, but lost a slew of councils in the south.
  • But there’s way to go.  We have only 110 of 259 councils declared.  And it’s important to keep what we know in perspective.  There are uncontested seats, changed boundaries, a mass of independents and new local parties: all this makes comparisons with the past difficult.