Three in five Conservative Party members intend to vote for the Brexit Party in the European elections, according to our recent survey.  So do two in five Tory councillors, according to a recent poll.  These are elections that shouldn’t be happening, in which the candidate selection process gives no choice to members…and in which the Brexit Party is standing.

None of this applies to next week’s local elections.

Party members should be grateful to well-run Tory councils, circumstances, fellow Conservative activists, the opposition and so many excellent Tory councillors and candidates for making the choice so simple for them.  So should Conservative voters – though many will doubtless use next week’s poll to protest.

If so, that’s their choice – but it may hit them in the pocket, and in other ways.

On this site today, Charles Roberts describes how Tory-run East Cambridge District Council is freezing council tax for the sixth year running.  The council’s story of delivering value for money while improving local services is not untypical – at least, when Conservatives are in charge.

So there is no good reason to punish local Tory candidates for Parliamentary manoeuverings and national Government failures.

As the cliché has it, Conservative councils cost you less and, like quite a lot of clichés, it is true.  The vast majority also have a good record on services, and deliver in other ways – recycling more than Labour ones, for example.  So cut off your nose to spite your face – or rather pocket – next week if you please.  But don’t assume that there won’t be consequences.

If you have the opportunity, vote Tory next week.