It’s like Groundhog Day for the Prime Minister – but in which each one is worse than that before.

Last month, a record total of seven out of ten of our panel members wanted a new Party leader.  This month we have a new record of nearly eight out of ten.

Seventy-one per cent answered “yes” last time round.  Seventy-nine per cent give the same answer now.

Meanwhile, the percentage of those who answered “no” has fallen from 26 per cent to 19 per cent.  In other words, less than one in five of them now want May to stay on as leader.

The second postponement of Brexit and the talks with Jeremy Corbyn are undoubtedly huge contributors to this lamentable rating.  The latter especially is making campaigning uphill work indeed for many local government candidates.

However, we suspect the biggest factor is the European Parliamentary elections that are due to take place.

Barry Lewis’s piece on this site yesterday explaining why Derbyshire Conservatives will take no part in them helps to give the flavour of the mood on the ground.

Downing Street will be desperate to bring the Withdrawal Agreement back and somehow get it through the Commons.

Perhaps Labour MPs will be sufficiently spooked by the Brexit Party surge to help her do so, ward off those European elections – and buttress the vulnerable position of the two main parties.  And perhaps not.

At any rate, the present situation is clear.

The voluntary Party has lost confidence in the Prime Minister. Is anyone listening around the Cabinet table?