Sajid Javid’s vote stays solid at near a third of the total.

But Boris Johnson squeezes an extra few percentage points from the Don’t Knows, getting his total to 61 per cent, a few points ahead of Dominic Raab’s against Javid, the former winning 57 per cent.  But the difference is so small as to be marginal.

This mirrors Johnson’s result against Jeremy Hunt, thus re-making the point in our last post about contenders’ commitment to Brexit as Party members are likely to see it – and how they vote in consequence.  There, Johnson won 61 per cent to Hunt’s 33 per cent.  Here, the totals are 61 per cent to 30 per cent.

This completes a disappointing set of results for Javid, who beat Michael Gove for top slot when we held run-offs last summer.