Here we go –


Customs Union

Ayes: 273

Noes: 276.



Common Market 2.0

Ayes: 261

Noes: 282



Second Referendum

Ayes: 280

Noes: 292




Ayes: 191

Noes: 292



Snap analysis

Some supporters of Common Market 2.0 and a Second Referendum have voted against each other’s proposals – and against a Customs Union.

There will be a frenzy of mutual blame-mongering and name-calling tomorrow between the various camps.

We also wait to see how decisive the votes of pro-harder Brexit and pro-No Deal MPs were in shaping the evening’s results.

And to see what on earth the EU makes of it.

The Prime Minister will now surely seek to bring her deal back in some form.

Oliver Letwin is not doing very well as a freelance substitute.

(P.S: Nick Boles has left the Conservative Parliamentary Party – or so it seems.)