Some respondents will want a No Deal vote before March 29 because they support No Deal.  Others while taking the same position will be driven by primarily by a desire to see the names of those who oppose it in black and white.  They believe that such MPs would be flouting the clear instruction of the referendum to leave, Deal or no Deal.  (And in our view they are right.)

But it will none the less be the case that some of those voting for this option oppose No Deal.  They will believe that MPs will vote against it if they have a chance, and will approve of them acting in this way if they do.

At any rate, the most sensible way of reading this finding is: most of our Party member respondents are prepared to accept No Deal, with varying degrees of reluctance, and believe it is wrong for the Government to offer MPs a means of effectively taking it off the table – certainly for March 29 and perhaps (who knows?) for later too.