There’s a rise in the proportion of respondents to whom a deal would be acceptable were there to be a time limit on the backstop which ends before the next election.  It’s up from 34 per cent to 40 per cent.

Otherwise the findings are very similar to last month’s.  There’s a very slight uptick in the percentage opposed to the deal per se, but it’s so small as to be meaningless, in effect.

Still, that figure represents almost two out of five of all replies.  It will consist of a large core of supporters of No Deal, plus some second referendum supporters and soft Brexiteers.  Last month’s figures are below.

All in all, Theresa May would have the backing of a plurality of Party members for her deal were significant changes to the backstop to be made, if our survey is right.

But these would presumably entail alterations to the original text, rather than supplementary documents – or declarations.  There’s no sign that such changes are coming as we write.