Four plans are being floated:

  • The Commons votes on the Withdrawal Agreement only, not both it and the Political Declaration.  That would represent a different plan.  And the EU wouldn’t object to it, which seems vital these days.  The Speaker couldn’t veto it, could he?  (Answer: probably not, but who knows – since he makes it up as he goes along?)
  • The Withdrawal Agreement Bill is introduced.  It abolishes the Meaningful Vote requirement…and the deal gets through Parliament that way.  But it is a very high-risk strategy.  If the Bill didn’t get a Second Reading – kapow!  The deal is dead.  What would the timetable be, anyway – and would it require a further extension?  And Bercow couldn’t throw a spanner in the works, could he?  (One has to ask.)
  • Parliament is prorogued and we start all over again.  Again, what would the implications be for the timetable?
  • The Speaker is removed by a no confidence vote.  Good luck with that one.  He’s Labour’s creature and Labour will keep him in place.  Unless a body of its MPs lose patience with him.