Continuing our short series on the results of our ConservativeHome awards – as voted on by our very own Members’ Panel – today we unveil the winner of the coveted ‘Brexiteer of the Year’.

This goes to the pro-Leave politician deemed by our readers to have been most effective in service to the cause over the past twelve months. The candidates were:

Boris Johnson: The former Foreign Secretary resigned over Chequers and champions ‘no deal’

David Davis: The one-time Brexit Secretary also resigned over Chequers

Dominic Raab: Davis’ successor led a walkout of several Cabinet Brexiteers over the Withdrawal Agreement

Jacob Rees-Mogg: The Chairman of the European Research Group has led backbench Brexiteer resistance to soft Brexit

The winner, and by a very comfortable margin, is Jacob Rees-Mogg. Just a shade under half of all respondents deemed him the most effective pro-Leave politician of 2018. Perhaps not a great surprise, as the MP for North East Somerset is a grassroots favourite.

Of the rest, another quarter backed Raab, who tried to make the Prime Minister’s vision work before walking out over last-minute alterations to the Withdrawal Agreement, with Johnson and Davis bringing up the rear.

Here are the results in full: