Tomorrow’s “meaningful vote” has indeed been pulled.  There will be three statements in the Commons this afternoon: Theresa May’s on Brexit, Andrea Leadsom’s on Commons business and Stephen Barclay on Article 50.

Faced with a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea, the Prime Minister has opted for the latter.  In our view, she had no choice – having gradually boxed herself in.  We read the decision as a desperate bid to fend off 48 letters.  Now let’s see if it works.

At any rate, Theresa May must now go to Brussels on Thursday and plead for concessions – without having put the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration to the vote.  Good luck with that one, coming from her at this stage.

Only this morning, Michael Gove said that the vote would go ahead.  As did Barclay yesterday.  Necessary as it was, the decision will do nothing to bolster trust in the Government – which is already on the floor.  This may not be the endgame for May, but it certainly feels like it.