“Dominic Raab was palpably unhappy….how on earth can any of the discontented third of the Cabinet, or more, look voters in the eye and claim they are content with it? How can they go out and sell it? It is significant that, yesterday evening, none of them were due to take to the airwaves this morning.”  So we wrote earlier today.

Now he has gone, and May has lost a second Brexit Secretary.  And if she can’t convince the holder of the post to stay put, what does that signal to the world about her draft agreement?

When Raab’s predecessor – David Davis – quit, a leadership challenge didn’t materialise – even when Boris Johnson followed him shortly afterwards.  Can one really be staved off this time?  The expectation at Westminster yesterday was that Esther Mcvey and perhaps Penny Mordaunt would be the first Cabinet members to jump?  What will they do now?

At any rate, Raab now arguably has first mover advantage in any leadership contest among the Brexiteers.  Watch out, Boris Johnson – and others. We should prepare for Run Raabit Run Raabit Run Run Run.

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