She had little alternative after calling for a vote on the draft deal in Cabinet yesterday, pressing her case strongly, and being rebuffed by the Prime Minister, the Cabinet Secretary and the Chief Whip.

The former Work and Pensions Secretary and fervent Brexiteer has kept quiet on the Government’s EU policy since Chequers. This was no longer sustainable. It places more pressure on Penny Mordaunt, who called for a free vote in Cabinet yesterday, to explain her position.

May is left with two Cabinet vacancies to fill.  Ambitious Ministers of State and Under-Secretaries usually strain to fill these.  There will still be enough of them to go round, but there will be a sense now that the new appointments may not last long.

The draft deal looks even more unlikely to pass the Commons, a leadership challenge even more likely.  The survival of this Government in any coherent form must now be under threat.

P.S: Suella Braverman, who some thought might quit DexEU when David Davis and Steve Baker resigned over Chequers, has also gone.

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