There’s a lot of conversation at the moment about Norway-to-Canada: we believe that the Government should be mulling it.  But it hasn’t taken off among Party members, at least if our survey is anything to go by.  One in ten respondents back it.  Only one in six support any form of EEA membership at all.  Fewer than one in ten line up behind the Prime Minister’s Chequers Plan.  That’s 22 per cent for a softer Brexit of some kind.  Six per cent want no Brexit at all.

Meanwhile, one in five are for the WTO minimum that No Deal would bring with it, at least at first.  And almost half the replies favour a Canada Plus Plus Plus scheme – we assume in the form proposed by David Davis, Boris Johnson and the European Research Group, inter alia.  The EU has offered a Canada option for Great Britain, but with Northern Ireland hived off.  Hence the backstop.

There is certainly no evidence of backing for it.  Almost a third of survey replies support trading off a longer transition against the backstop in a compromised form.  Two-thirds are opposed to any transition extension whatsoever.  But there’s no reason to think that this implies support for the backstop.  Finally, please note: we’re aware that there have been issues in relation to survey responses, and these have been dealt with appropriately.