Last month, 27 per cent of our Party members panel said that the Chequers proposals represented a good deal for Britain, and 68 per cent opposed them.

This month, those figures are 69 per cent and 23 per cent.

And then, 29 per cent said that they supported Chequers, and 67 per cent that they did not.

Those figures this month are 26 per cent and 69 per cent respectively.

If the survey is right, the Prime Minister’s pro-Chequers summer offensive, complete with the wooing of Association Chairman and letters to Party members, has made next to no difference at all: indeed, the position for her has slightly worsened, if anything.

At any rate, the survey once again is remarkably consistent. It may of course be that it is over-stating the extent of activists’ hostility to Chequers, but it generally tends to be in the same territory as the occasional YouGov polling of them.