The dispute between Right is Left is about culture as well as economics.  But Conservative Ministers and MPs are frightened of addressing the issues, and nervous of taking a stand.  This helps to explain why CCHQ made such a mess of the Boris Johnson burka affair.

So it’s worth praising a Tory MP (and Deputy Chairman of the Party, no less) who isn’t afraid of dealing with identity politics – and “cultural appropriation”.

The easiest course for James Cleverly to take during the Dawn Butler jerk chicken row was to keep his head down.  And the more that people keep their heads down, the more the Far Left begins to build up a monopoly on language and thought, because no-one dares stand up to them.

Instead, Cleverly went on Twitter and made an argument.  He did it cooly and capably.  In a setting in which fewer Conservative MP disclose their politics than Labour MPs, he frequently sets an example for his colleagues to follow.

Oh, and…