Almost a fortnight ago, in the aftermath of the Chequers Cabinet meeting and the Government statement that followed, 31 per cent of our Members Panel thought that Theresa May’s new position on Brexit would be good for Britain if implemented.  In a separate question, 33 per cent supported it.

60 per cent thought that it would be bad for the country if implemented, and the same proportion opposed it.

Now, in the aftermath of the publication of the Government’s White Paper on the plan, the percentage believing that it would be good for Britain if implemented has fallen to 27 per cent, and that supporting it to 29 per cent.

That thinking it would be bad for the country if implemented is up to 68 per cent, and that opposing it to 67 per cent.

In short, the Prime Minister’s backing has actually gone backwards since she stepped up her efforts to sell her new position.  Two in three Party members oppose it.  Under one in three support it.  She has her work cut out to turn them round during the summer tour of Associations and the country that she will apparently undertake.

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