Theresa May might not stand down or be forced out as Prime Minister before 2022, and if she does Michael Gove might not succeed her, and if he does he might well not stand down in 2021, and no Prime Minister in good health has voluntary stood down from the post in modern times anyway, but even if he does so Ruth Davidson might not be eligible to succeed him, since she could be Scotland’s first Minister by that date, and even if she isn’t there may be no by-election available for her to stand in, since she has said she would insist on standing in a Scottish seat for any such vacancy, and were there to be any such by-election she might not win it, and even were she to do so and Gove to stand down as Prime Minister she might not win the ensuing Conservative leadership election, and there might be no Conservative Government at all in 2021 anyway.

So as you see, dear reader, it’s all plain sailing for the Gove-Davidson leadership pact currently being floated by “Tory grandees”.

P.S: And the tensions between Italian voters and German leaders over the country’s debt, banks, spending may even have come to a head by then, with implications for Italy’s democracy and the Euro’s future that are too obvious to dwell on.