Jacob Rees-Mogg now leads the pack for the third time in succession – and marks over six months as one of the top two runners (excluding the spread of votes each month for others).

And look at the totals of the top three people named for consistency.  Last month, Rees-Mogg scored 20.7 per cent.  This month, his return was 19.4 per cent.

Second was Michael Gove on 16 per cent. This month, he is on 17.1 per cent.  Third was Boris Johnson on 13.7 per cent.  This month, he is on 11.7 per cent.

These are insignificant changes in a survey of over 1000 people, and shows that our Next Tory Leader is settled into a groove, at least for the moment.

In one sense, the question is academic, since Theresa May shows no sign of wanting to stand down, and looks more secure in place than at any time previously this year.  Respondents are clearly dissatisfied with the Cabinet alternatives on offer.

In another, the matter is less remote, because more than half of them continue to want a new Party leader in place for the next election, for all this month’s improvement in her position.