This is one of those findings that can be sliced and diced in different ways.

Over two in five of our party member survey respondents back missile strikes.  Add the almost one in three who would go further, because they support the use of grounds troops if necessary, and you have three in four Tory members lining up behind some kind of military action against Assad.

The distinction we tried to draw when it comes to such action is between missile strikes, in which the lives of armed forces members aren’t at risk in Syria itself, and other forms of action, in which those lives would might be at risk.  And it is at this point that Conservative activists become more chary.

For take the two in five or so who back missile strikes, and then add the one in five who are against any military action at all, and one finds over three in five Tory members against risking the lives of members of the armed forces in Syria itself.

As we say, much depends how you cut and paste the figures.

We closed the survey at about 7am yesterday morning, so almost all the responses will have come in before the missile strikes took place.