Last month, Rees-Mogg scored 18 per cent, Michael Gove 14 per cent and Boris Johnson 12 per cent.

This month, those totals are 21 per cent, 16 per cent and 14 per cent.

In other words, our replies are much where they were a few weeks ago, for all the turmoil that has taken place since the reshuffle.

We believe that Rees-Mogg won’t stand, which makes his presence in the survey a distortion, but our respondents previously named him en masse in the write-in category, so we put him in the named candidates a few months ago: vox populi, vox dei.

Meanwhile, there is no guarantee that either Johnson or Gove would stand were there to be a vacancy, though we think that the former would at least.

Furthermore, Conservative MPs might not forward the name of either to party members were one or both to enter any contest.  And no-one else gets into double figures.  It may of course be that in such circumstances other candidates emerge who we don’t name.

We have bunged in David Lidington this month, who effectively replaces Damian Green.  Otherwise we have kept the named candidates as last month.  “Other”, that barometer of dissatisfaction with the field, is now second, with 17 per cent. Full result below.