• We knew Esther McVey was popular with party members…but not this popular.  First-time out in our Cabinet League Table, the Brexiteering and Left-Hate-Figure Work and Pensions Secretary is second. Suggestive.
  • Women tend to perform well or badly in the table.  Another Brexiteer is third, Penny Mordaunt.  And Ruth Davidson’s rating outscores everyone’s bar Michael Gove’s (he’s top again).  But Andrea Leadsom, Claire Perry, Elizabeth Truss, and Caroline Nokes cluster near the foot of the league.
  • Respondents keep their eye on the news – or so we must conclude.  Sajid Javid’s progress reflects the urgency of the housing issue.  David Gauke’s drop will be result of his Warboys appeal decision.  Chris Grayling has taken a bash.  Last time round, Theresa May was tenth – not a glittering rating for a Party leader, but at least a positive score.  Now she is back in negative territory and second bottom from the table.
  • Being a Brexiteer seems to be necessary but not sufficient to get to or near the top.  David Davis has slid.  And Boris Johnson is mid-table or thereabouts.  He has become a marmite performer, but has enough backing to be third on our Next Tory Leader category.
  • Useful outing for the new boys: Brandon Lewis, Matt Hancock and Damian Hinds.  The first two are in the top ten and the last so close as to make no difference.  The new Party Chairman is evidently a popular figure.
  • We don’t know how to describe Philip Hammond’s rating, we really don’t.  Record low doesn’t even begin to come near it.  It busts the formatting and more – heading so far west that as we write it’s somewhere near Des Moines, and still travelling.