Last month, seven per cent of respondents said that the Prime Minister should quit Downing Street now, and 52 per cent were of the view that she should do so before the next election takes place.  40 per cent were opposed to both proposals.

In this first survey of the new year, that last group has shrunk from two in five Conservative members to one in four.  And the proportion believing that May should go now has all but quadrupled, leaping from under one in ten to about one in four.  All of which has had the effect of reducing the biggest block of all, namely those who think that she should leave – but before the next election, not at the present moment.

The upside for Downing Street is that these findings suggest that only one in four Tory members want a leadership election now.  A YouGov poll for WPI found yesterday that under one in five Conservative voters are of the same mind.

None the less, that a quarter of members have been found to want change at the top now isn’t good news for Number Ten. That’s the biggest total for this view in our survey since last June’s election.