This time last year, we were celebrating a bumper 2016, a year in which ConservativeHome reached over two million unique users for the first time – and, admittedly, wondering if the feat could be improved upon.

We are pleased to report that the site has indeed done so, and that 2017 was yet another record-breaking year in terms of traffic.

During 2017, ConservativeHome was read by 2,248,031 unique users, who visited a total of 8,173,013 times, and who viewed a total of 14,042,808 pages. That’s an increase on every measure – a 11.71 per cent rise in users, a 12.91 per cent rise in visits and a 19.57 per cent jump in page views.

That’s very pleasing, particularly for a specialist site run by a small team. It means that we are successfully reaching more people, more often with the insight, analysis and conservative perspectives that ConservativeHome has always sought to provide. We aim to supply quality most of all, and the fact that such content is being read by an ever-greater quantity of people as a result is very welcome.

Thank you to our colleagues on the ConservativeHome team for their hard work and dedication. But, as ever, we could not have done it without the support and enthusiasm of those who have contributed to, read and shared the site’s output – thank you to each and every one of you.

Here’s to an even bigger, better 2018!