It’s been yet another exciting month for the Cabinet, and once again one of the names in our table is out of date – Damian Green bows out after mildly recovering his position with the grassroots, albeit only to the tune of halving his negative score.

Doubtless 2018 will have its own share of twists and turns, not to mention the long-anticipated reshuffle, but here is how the Cabinet stands in the esteem of the membership as 2017 draws to a close.

  • Gove takes the very top spot. Not a surprising result, since we announced yesterday that the Environment Secretary was our panel’s Minister of the Year, but still quite the comeback for a man whose leadership ambitions blew up so spectacularly on the launchpad only last year. He not only tops our Cabinet table but takes the overall prize, beating Ruth Davidson by 1.6 points.
  • Mordaunt keeps her bronze. Last month’s new entrant stepped straight into third place in our ranking and keeps that position this month, with a six-point increase in her positive score to boot.
  • Hunt enters the top three.  After a ten-point rise last month, the Health Secretary reaches the podium. He has been promoted by Fraser Nelson as a possible successor to Green and has been very public about his conversion to Brexit, which perhaps helps to explain how he’s managed the unusual feat of securing a podium position in our table as a Remainer. One to watch in 2018.
  • Smith drops into the red. Gavin Williamson did not bequeath his successor an easy job, and the successful Europhile ‘mutiny’ over the Withdrawal Bill has clearly done the Chief Whip no favours in the eyes of the membership, and he drops to -4.7.
  • ‘Yo-yo’ Hammond strikes again. Last month the Chancellor rebounded from -40.6 to +1.8 on the back of a Budget which, contrary to gloomy expectation, did not fall to pieces. Now he’s back at -21 and is the second-most unpopular member of the Cabinet, beaten only by…
  • McLoughlin levels out. The Party Chairman appears to have paused his bid to tunnel his way out of our survey, easing back from -53.8 to -51.1 and rendering the formatting readable again.