• Raab was backed for promotion to the Cabinet by half of our respondents – 50 per cent (rounded up).  That’s an impressive total.
  • Stewart is not far behind on 46 per cent.
  • Then Jo Johnson – quite a bit back behind those two on 28 per cent.
  • We named only Ministers of State, not Under-Secretaties of state in the survey. But one or two of the latter might just make the leap next time round.
  • We asked the panel separately to write in names for promotion to the Cabinet other than ministerial ones, and will publish the results later this week.

Name recognition will have been a big contributor to these findings.  But while they show what a thousand and more of our panel members think, they are not necessarily a guide to how Downing Street will think.  Mel Stride, who trails our list, is a senior Treasury Minister, and popular with his colleagues.  He seems to us no less likely to make Cabinet than than those who lead it.