The total of those believing that the Prime Minister should not lead the Conservatives into the next election, and that she should resign  as Party leader either now or before it happens, has been as follows for the last six months –

  • 62 per cent (this month).
  • 64 per cent (last month).
  • 65 per cent (September).
  • 61 per cent (August).
  • 62 per cent (July).
  • 71 per cent (June).

In other words, nearly three in four of those members we survey were of that view in the aftermath of the election.  And though that proportion dropped to under two in three the month after, it has not moved since in any significant way.

This month’s finding came in before yesterday’s drama at the Brexit negotiations.  We must wait to see if better news for May will come later this week and, in due course, if it moves her rating in this survey question.