Last month –

  • 70 per cent of our Party members’ panel said that the negotiators were right to make the deal, and –
  • 26 per cent of them said that they were wrong to make it.

We wondered then if they were only swinging into line behind Theresa May and whether, as further details emerged, this month’s survey would find a reaction against the agreeement.

As readers will see, there is no sign of such a development whatsoever. Indeed, if there has been any movement at all, it is favourable to the Prime Minister.

Maybe panel members just want Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour kept down and out,  Perhaps they have become chary of the alternative WTO route.  Maybe they have concluded that their own red lines are still intact; or could be; or that they matter less than one might believe.

Perhaps the overwhelming mood is of relief that “sufficient progress” has been declared, and that trade talks are looming into view.  Or maybe the simplest explanation is the best – that rightly or wrongly they think that May got a good deal.