Last month was quite the month for the Cabinet, and we’ve got several new entrants in November’s League Table and some big movements from regulars too. Here’s how members answered our most recent survey…

  • Hammond yo-yos once again. We used to note how the Chancellor would seem to ricochet between soaring and slumping in members esteem before he sunk into his recent rut. He’s certainly not soaring yet, but this month he rebounded from -40.6 to +1.8, testament to a Budget which seems to have passed without incident.
  • Mordaunt inherits her predecessor’s rank, as well as her job… In our last survey the previous International Development Secretary was ranked third with a score in the mid-50s – just like this new one. With Davis and Gove staying put, it keeps Leavers in every podium position.
  • …but Williamson does not. Prior to his departure, Michael Fallon was the fifth-ranked Cabinet minister and the most popular non-Leaver on the table. His successor comes in at 21st place (he was 14th in his old role) with a positive score just a third of what it was before he moved. Will his well-publicised fights with the Treasury lift these scores next month?
  • Jeremy Hunt is up to fourth place, with a rise of over ten points.  Watch that man.
  • Boris Johnson’s rating is down from +34.0 to 16.6, mirroring his fall in our Next Tory Leader question.
  • Ruth Davidson beats all comers with a rating of 77.5…
  • …And McLoughlin continues to sink. The Party Chairman’s drift downwards is relatively gentle at just three points, but at -53.6 he’s plumbing truly abyssopelagic depths (and ruining the formatting of our trusty table).