One of the tests of the new survey is whether it throws up wildly different Party member results to the old one.  We’re obviously hoping that this isn’t so – at least initially.

Last month,

  • 15 per cent of them said that the Prime Minister should announce her resignation as party leader, thus triggering a Conservative leadership election.
  • 27 per cent said that she shouldn’t.
  • And 56 per cent said that she should, but not yet.

This month,

  • 11 per cent say that she should.
  • 36 per cent say that she shouldn’t.
  • And 51 per cent say that she should, but not yet.

All in all, that’s a slight recovery in her position, and not very far out of line with last month’s results.  If anything can be gleaned from this finding at all, it’s that anger with the Prime Minister over the election result and campaign has cooled a bit, but not a lot.

Over a hundred respondents skipped the question, doubtless regarding it as premature in some cases.  We will publish our latest Cabinet league table tomorrow morning.