• Last month, the top three in the survey were David Davis, Michael Gove, Michael Fallon.  This month, they are Davis, Fallon and Gove.  Gove is down a bit, Fallon up a bit, and Davis continues to improve – but all in all the table is much of a muchness.
  • Amidst this holiday season, not too much can be read into the individual ups, like Sajid Javid’s, or the downs, such as Chris Grayling’s, with maybe three exceptions.
  • Philip Hammond drops to a record low of -25.4 per centImmediately before the election, he was placed about halfway in the table at 32.4.  Following it, he slumped to -11.5, so this latest rating is a decline from even that dire position.  The most likely explanation is the unpopularity of his continuing push for a softer Brexit among Party members who favour a harder one.
  • Amber Rudd falls from fifth from top of the table and 45.8 to eighth from bottom and 22.4.  Being seen, fairly or unfairly, as an ally of the Chancellor’s looks to be the main reason.
  • The Prime Minister is now only just in negative territory which suggests, along with another survey finding which we reported yesterday, that her position is very slowly recovering from an appallingly low base.  Liz Truss is out of negative territory; Justine Greening is now in it.  The latter is down from 23.1 to -5.7.  And Ruth Davidson continues to soar up, up, and away – beating every Cabinet member’s rating.