The editor of this site was among the first to call for a Parliamentary inquiry into anti-Muslim hatred and violence, doing so seven long years ago, back in 2010.

This is apposite in the light of yesterday’s van attack on innocent Muslims at Finsbury Park mosque, in which one person has died and eight are injured as we write.

It goes almost without saying that there is no moral difference between this terror assault and that on London Bridge earlier this month.

That the threat to the public from neo-nazi violence is less than that posed by Islamist violence in no way obviates the need for an inquiry, which is long overdue.

It would best be conducted by the Home Affairs Select Committee, which recently conducted an inquiry into anti-semitism.

What held in 2010 also holds today: “Could such an inquiry be exploited by Islamists?  Yes.  Is that a good reason for not having it?  No.

Why?  Because the problem of the hatred of Muslims and anti-Muslim violence, in particular, is grave.  It’s a wound that can only fester.  Parliament has a role to play in drawing the poison.”