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Cambridgeshire and Peterborough final round: Conservative win

Palmer: 88,826

Cantrill: 67,205

Labour is traditionally strong in Peterborough itself, so the difference between its figure in coming third and the Liberl Democrat one in coming second is worth noting.

Cambridgeshire first round

James Palmer (Conservative): 76,064

Rob Cantrill (Liberal Democrat): 47,026

Kevin Price (Labour): 15,931.

Paul Bullen (UKIP): 15,93

Julie Howell (Green): 12,628

Peter Dawe (Independent): 9,176

Stephen Goldspink (English Democrats): 2,256


West Midlands final round: Conservative win

Street (pictured right): 238,628

Simon: 234,862

Winning in the city of Joe Chamberlain and its environs is a big, symbolic moment for the kind of Toryism Theresa May wants to shape – what Nick Timothy once described on this site as “Erdington conservatism”.

West Midlands first round

Sion Simon (Labour): 210,259.

Andy Street (Conservative): 216,280.

Beverley Nielson (Liberal Democrat): 30,378.

Pete Durnell (UKIP): 29,051

James Burn (Green): 24,260

Graham Steveson (Communist): 5,696

North Tyneside: Labour win

Norma Redfearn (Labour): 29,655

Stewart Hay (Conservative): 16,164

John Appleby (Liberal Democrat): 3,537

Stuart Houghton (UKIP): 3,248

Went by the book – pretty much what one would expect. The returns from the Tynemouth constituency, which seems to be a Tory target for June 8, will be studied closely. 


Teesside final round: Conservative win

Houchen: 40,278

Jeffrey: 39, 797

The Conservatives have been quietly hopeful for weeks about springing a surprise in this traditional Labour stronghold – and have duly done so.

Manchester: Labour win

Andy Burnham (Labour): 359,352.

Sean Anstee (Conservative): 128,752

Jane Brophy (Liberal Democrat): 34,334

Stephen Morris (English Democrats): 11,115

Shneur Odze (UKIP): 10,583

Will Patterson (Green): 13,424

John Farmer (Independent): 3,360

Emphatic win for Burnham who scoops up over 60 per cent of the vote in a result that gives Labour its biggest boost of the day so far. Not much for the Conservatives from George Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse here.

Liverpool City Region: Labour win

Steve Rotheram (Labour): 171,167.

Tony Caldeira (Conservative) 58,805 .

Carl Cashman (Liberal Democrat) 19,751.

Tom Crone (Green): 14,094.

Paula Walters (UKIP) 11,946.

Roger Bannister (TUSC) 7,881.

Tabitha Morton (Women) 4,287.

Paul Breen (Jury) 729.

Liverpool goes as expected, though the Tories are second. Rotheram will not now contest his former seat in Liverpool Walton on June 8.


Teesside first round

Ben Houchen (Conservative): 40,278

Sue Jeffrey (Labour): 39,797

Chris Foote-Wood (Liberal Democrat): 12,550

UKIP (John Tennan): 9,475


West of England final round: Conservative win.

Bowles: 70,300.

Mansell: 65,923.

It was always going to be a close contest, but Mansell didn’t pick up enough of the transfers to get her over the winning line.

West of England first round

Tim Bowles (Conservative): 53,796.

Lesley Ann Mansell (Labour): 43,627.

Stephen Williams (Liberal Democrat) 39,794.

John Savage (Independent): 29,500.

Darren Hall (Green): 22,054.

Aaron Foot (UKIP): 8182

Doncaster: Labour win.

Ros Jones (Labour): 32,631.

George Jabbour (Conservative): 13,575.

Brian Whitmore (UKIP): 7,764.

Eddie Todd (Independent): 5,344.

Chris Whitwood (Yorkshire Party): 3,235

Steve Williams (Independent): 1,531

No need for a second round here.  This is Labour heartland territory, and Jones duly scooped up more than half the vote.