As you might expect, with the general election dominating the news the ups and downs of individual Cabinet ministers have rather taken a back seat in recent weeks. This will be our last League Table before the general election – and it may well be full of new names when next we publish it.

  • Theresa May’s positive score is up by 11 points at a soaring 89, making her once again the top-ranked member of her own Government.
  • Of the Brexiteers who once had a lock on the top spots in this table, only David Davis appears to be maintaining altitude. He’s once again in second place with a very respectable positive score of just under 72. This puts him in bronze-medal position once we factor in…
  • Ruth Davidson is up by six points in second place, likely lifted by the very positive noises that have been coming out of the Scottish campaign in recent weeks. If next month manages to deliver the Conservatives their first multi-MP result north of the border since 1992 she might blow the lid off our scoring system.
  • After last month’s nadir, when his score stood at less than ten, Philip Hammond has risen into the comfortable anonymity of the middle of the table with a net positive score of 32. It’s not quite the rebound we usually see for the Chancellor, so it remains to be seen whether the Budget fiasco has done permanent damage to his standing with the grassroots.
  • It’s been rather a good month for Greg Clark. The Business Secretary is now ranked fourth of the actual Cabinet members, up from tenth last time.
  • Sajid Javid has put a few more points between himself and a negative score, whilst Liz Truss has slipped a few points deeper into the red.