As campaigning resumes, voters, commentators and pollsters are starting to give more thought to the issues which dominated last weekend – the Conservative social care policy, and the belated change/addition/u-turn/clarification performed in its defence on Monday.

It’s evident that the Prime Minister thought that promising a cap on the total social care bills incurred by anyone would knock the row on the head. What isn’t yet clear is if that promise has succeeded in doing so. Perhaps it has, in which case they can move on to topics they’d rather talk about, but what if the feedback on the doorstep today and over the weekend suggests that it hasn’t put voters’ minds at rest sufficiently?

It’s a “what if” scenario at the moment, but if it comes true then one possible solution would be to publicly confirm the intended level of that cap. It’s not inconceivable that they might have to do so.

For that matter, there’s another issue which faced similar questions about its detail and scope. The manifesto did not specify the level at which Winter Fuel Payments would be means-tested. Some voters were apparently asking the question of canvassers last weekend. Will it continue to come up now that campaigning is underway again, or has the debate moved on? If it lingers, will the Prime Minister allow it to, or address it beyond doubt? It’s worth watching.

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