We are now on Day Four of the row over Nigel Farage’s non-knighthood – though as I write I can’t see anything new online about it in today’s Daily Faragegraph – and the dispute is no less perplexing than it was on Day One.

On the one hand, the former UKIP leader is clearly unhappy that Douglas Carswell shafted his knighthood.  On the other, he says he doesn’t particularly care about establishment baubles and gawgaws.

This site’s view is well-established.  Farage should be a peer (not a knight).  We have said this several times – adding that UKIP is under-represented in the Lords.

So although ConservativeHome is not a supporter of the purple party, we want to be fair to it.  And though resolving the row between Carswell and Farage is beyond our powers, we must do what we can to help.

We will therefore, from today on, refer to the former UKIP leader in anything we write ourselves as “Sir Nigel” – both to make a gesture to justice and soothe any ruffled feelings he may have, or at least try to.