It’s hard to believe that a year ago, we didn’t yet know for sure that the EU referendum would even take place in 2016. Indeed, had David Cameron followed Lynton Crosby’s advice and rejected the initial, wholly unsatisfactory, renegotiation offer, we might not yet know its date – and he would probably still be Prime Minister.

We predicted a hectic and compelling year of political news, and it greatly exceeded that expectation.

We are pleased to report that as the political news boomed, so did ConservativeHome. After a record-breaking 2015, the site enjoyed its biggest year ever in 2016.

We were read by 2,012,313 unique users, who visited a total of 7,238,681 times, and who viewed a total of 11,744,089 pages. For a small operation, reaching over two million readers for the first time is an achievement of which we are proud. But we could not have done it without the support and enthusiasm of those who have contributed to, read and shared the site’s output – thank you.

If you’ve found the last 12 months a bit too exciting, then I’m afraid to say that 2017 promises no slowdown in the political hurly burly. The coming battle over Article 50 and the start of the hard-won Brexit process lie ahead and dominate life at Westminster, our new Prime Minister seeks to more broadly define her premiership, a new and hugely controversial new occupant is about to move into the White House and the Kremlin is flexing its muscles.

As ever, ConservativeHome will be here to report, analyse and debate the way ahead.