screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-06-38-36Dianne Abbott yesterday suggested that Jeremy Corbyn will be Prime Minister after the next election, and that Labour will begin to close the opinion poll gap within the year.

Rightly or wrongly, Party members do not agree – at least with the former proposition, and at least if our latest monthly survey is anything to go by.

A whopping 89 per cent believe that the most likely result in 2020 (or before) is a Conservative majority Government.  Here is the equivalent figure for the past five months:

  • November – 89 per cent.
  • October – 91 per cent.
  • September – 91 per cent.
  • August – 93 per cent.
  • July – 74 per cent.

Essentially, expectations of a Tory victory in 2020 were already very high before Theresa May became leader, and soared shortly afterwards to stratospheric levels, where they have remained.

The survey’s findings since August have scarcely changed, and are yet another tribute to its consistency, where any really needed.

They may demonstrate that pride, or at least complacency, comes before a fall.  But they certainly put into perspective the fever currently racking the media about a pair of £995 brown leather trousers.