screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-16-41-11Ruth Davidson performs outstandingly well in our monthly Cabinet league table, scoring 87 per cent last month – a higher rating than anyone else in the survey other than Theresa May.

So she was always likely to stroll away as the winner in this catergory among party members, and so it proved: she certainly put her all into the Remain cause during the final TV event at Wembley.  There was a bit of loyalist vote for David Cameron.  And that’s about it, bar a lot of rudeness about Remain oampaigners in general in the “Others” category.  Here are the scores:

  • Ruth Davidson – 51 per cent.
  • David Cameron – 20 per cent (19.7).
  • Other – 20 per cent (19.7)
  • George Osborne – 5 per cent.
  • Nick Clegg – 2 per cent (2.3)
  • Amber Rudd – 2 per cent (2.1)

There were 980 respondents.