screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-08-15-40Daniel Hannan is the clear choice of our Party member readers for the Conservative politician who has done most for Brexit, but he wasn’t in the TV debates, and so is excluded from this category.

Which leaves opinion more divided, but Michael Gove comes out ahead on 22 per cent.  The former Justice Secretary rose to the challenge of the debates, and I suspect that’s why he comes out ahead.

But there’s not much in it.  He is only 30 or so votes ahead of Boris Johnson, who is only six votes ahead of Nigel Farage, who comes fourth.

This suggests a certain suspension of Party loyalties for this category as, even more spectacularly, does the big vote for the person who is third – Gisela Stuart.  She has only one vote less than Johnson.

And that’s out of the best part of a thousand (979 Party member responses out of over 2500 altogether): the end of year survey got a very healthy response.