There was a degree of scepticism about this question from party members – the most popular ‘other’ response was something in the vein of “celebrities don’t matter” – but there is nonetheless a runaway winner.

James Dyson, the inventor and industrialist, took just shy of 54 per cent of the vote, with more than five hundred respondents listing him as the most effective business campaigner in the EU referendum.

Such was the gap that fellow Brexiteer Ian Botham, who took second place, did so with just shy of ten per cent of the vote and only 93 votes.

At the bottom of the table is Bob Geldof, which won’t surprise anybody who followed the saga of his battle with Nigel Farage’s flotilla of fishermen on the Thames – one of the young pro-EU campaigners aboard his vessel was so put off by his behaviour she voted Leave.

An honourable mention should go to Tim Martin of Wetherspoons, who (aside the sceptics) looks to have topped the write-in ‘Other’ category.