It’s clear from the media headlines that the row over Theresa May’s £995 pair of brown leather trousers is in danger of collapsing the Government, causing an early general election – and destabilising Brexit.

Nicky Morgan criticises the trousers (or rather their owner) and says: “I don’t have leather trousers. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much on anything apart from my wedding dress.”

The former Education Secretary is consequently barred from Number Ten by the Prime Minister’s co-Chief of Staff, Fiona Hill.

And this morning, the Daily Mail goes after Morgan for owning a £995 Mulberry “luxury oxblood brown leather Bayswater bag”.  She hits back by saying that it was a present.

Fortunately, ConservativeHome is at hand to defuse the crisis.  Can we point out to all concerned that one can snap up a perfectly serviceable pair of women’s brown leather trousers on ebay for £4.99?*

That’s clearly within May’s price range, and presumably Morgan’s too.  But if times are hard in Loughborouh, or even Downing Street, this site is prepared to step in and splash out.

* Estimated delivery date: January 3 – February 8.