Caroline Lucas would make a better Leader of the Opposition than Jeremy Corbyn. That is not the highest praise, but at least she sounded as if she wanted to hold Theresa May to account.

The Green Leader began by observing in an acerbic tone, “Having your cake and eating it isn’t a serious strategy for Brexit,” and ended by demanding: “Is it arrogance or is it incompetence?”

It could be both, of course, but one cannot blame the Prime Minister for omitting to point that out. She instead said something so anodyne I failed to write it down.

Lucas’s one error was to make her question too long, which offered greater scope for prime ministerial evasion. But Lucas was only allowed one question, whereas Corbyn every week has six.

By the end of his questions, there was nothing to write down either. He is destroying PMQs. The House is no longer full, because he has no idea how to use six questions.

The Labour leader began by confusing the IMF and the IFS, an error which the Prime Minister enjoyed pointing out, and from which he did not recover.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and so does the British Constitution. We shall get an Opposition worthy of the name in the end, but not while Corbyn is around.

My apologies for the lateness of this sketch, caused by my inability to work out what went wrong with the computer I use at the Commons: not Corbyn’s fault, but mine.