Earlier today, we wrote of Theresa May and David Davis’s announcement of an EU membership repeal bill that –

“Mention of Article 50 raises an inevitable question.  The bill “is expected to be included in the next Parliamentary session”.  But we do not know when the article will be moved, and the bill is inextricably linked to that event.  So now that we have a repeal bill announced, we next need a date for Article 50 – and the Government’s timetable will then be evident.

At that point, pressure on the Government to set out its negotiating position will intensify – Soft Brexit, Hard Brexit, Full Brexit, or whatever variety of Brexit you please.  So by announcing that a repeal bill is coming, May has taken a decisive step along a road that is clearly signposted.  She cannot turn back without political ruin.  And there is no sign whatsoever that she wants to.”

We now have that date. The Prime Minister has told Andrew Marr that Article 50 will be moved by the end of next March. She thus took another step down that road towards Brexit, and is moving at a brisk pace.