ConservativeHome’s full conference programme can be found here, but we would like to draw your attention to three events in particular.

  • We have a joint event with Policy Exchange called “The Government’s social reform agenda: what it will mean in practice”, at which Philip Collins of the Times, Nick Bosanquet of Reform, and I will be speaking.  It will take place on Tuesday October 4 from 15.30-16.30 in the Policy Exchange Marquee, which is inside the secure zone.
  • Gavin Barwell, now the Housing Minister, will be talking about his book How to win a marginal seat (and indeed about how to win such a seat more broadly) on Monday October 3 from 8.00 – 9.30 in the ConservativeHome Marquee, which is also inside the secure zone.
  • And Iain Dale, LBC presenter and our columnist, will interview David Davis live on Tuesday 4 from 12.45 until 14.00 in Hall One of the International Conference Centre.  This is one of the very few conference events that the Brexit Secretary will be undertaking other than his main speech itself.

For those readers with a special interest in Brexit, Liam Fox will be speaking at our joint fringe event with Britain in a Changing Europe later on the same day – from 16.15-17.15 in the ConHome Marquee.