This morning, Priti Patel takes to the Daily Mail to write that she will insist on “much greater transparency from those who receieve UK”.  Her article is carefully written to stress continuity with her Cameron-era predecessors.  However, the paper has been briefed about her “fury at our wasted foreign” aid, and previous reports have stressed that aid will be used “in the national interest” to help build a series of new trade deals.

  • Meanwhile, it is reported that Rona Fairhead is to step down as Chairman of the BBC after Theresa May reversed David Cameron’s decision to allow her to stay in post until 2018.
  • So is her intention of lifting the bar on new faith schools admitting more than 50 per cent of pupils of the faith concerned.
  • There is to be no early bill on prisons reform – the Gove measure that was the centrepiece of Cameron’s Queen’s Speech in May.  The future of the reforms is doubtful.
  • Osborne’s proposal for directly-elected City Mayors are being overhauled and downscaled. May “is expected to let the next phase of devolution proceed without directly elected mayors”.
  • So is his Manchester-centred Northern Powerhouse scheme.  The Prime Minister wants “to shift the focus to other rural and industrial areas”.  This was presaged in a leadership campaign launch speech.

This is far from a complete list: for example, the Prime Minister reportedly wants to share a larger slice of fracking proceeds with local communities.  Nor does it contain non-policy changes, such as the claim that celebrities are to be “shut out of Number Ten parties”.  But it suggests a way in which Governments can renew themselves in office if the circumstances are right, namely: purge parts of the previous regime’s people and policies.