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  • Yes, Davis is Brexit Secretary.
  • And yes, Fox will head up a new trade department.
  • Snap judgement so far –
  • The Triumph of the Brexiteers.  We were promised more women.  And we’ll doubtless get them tomorrow to add to Rudd’s promotion.  But what we have so far is a big win for Leave.  Johnson, Davis and Fox will run much of Brexit between them: all are leavers.  On the basis of this shuffle so far, May is delivering for Brexit in spades.  Nigel Farage has tweeted that the Davis and Fox appointments are “inspired choices” and that he “feels more optimistic now”.
  • Out with the Cameroons, in with grey hair.  May is 59.  Hammond is 60.  Davis is 67.  Fox is a mere slip of a thing at 54.  But the top of the new Cabinet is going to have a more hardened and experienced look than its predecessor did in 201o.  There’s also more a state school feel to the arrangement, with all four of these Ministers having been educated in the public sector for some or all of their childhood.
  • The firing of Osborne was brutal but essential…  We have been arguing for weeks that the Chancellor, like David Cameron, failed to deliver a Remain vote – and that as the effective co-head of the campaign he also should return to the backbenches.  The Punishment Budget that never was, plus institutional failure to prepare for Brexit, meant that such a move was in Osborne’s own interest.  If a leading Minister is defeated on a core constitutional matter in a referendum, he can’t just carry on in Cabinet as though nothing has happened.

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  • Johnson is Foreign Secretary.  It makes sense – a Leave Foreign Secretary will be working alongside the Leave Brexit Secretary that May has promised.
  • Liam Fox is now in Downing Street, joining Davis and Fallon.
  • Fallon stays at Defence.
  • Word on the street – well, in the lobby – is that Davis will be the Brexit Secretary and Fox will head the new trade push.
  • Where’s Chris Grayling?


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  • David Davis in Number Ten, according to ITV’s Chris Ship.
  • Also reported that Damian Green is inside too.
  • So: could it be Johnson at Foreign, Rudd at Home and Davis at Brexit?
  • Now Michael Fallon has entered through the front door.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 19.21.0619.00 This is Paul Goodman kicking off ConHome’s reshuffle Live Blog.

  • The key five posts are Chancellor, Foreign Secretary, Home Secretary, Trade Secretary and the new Brexit Secretary (so to speak).
  • At least two of these five should be Leavers for balance…
  • …and at least two of them will, I expect, be women: possibly three.
  • As I write, Philip Hammond has entered Downing Street.  It has just been confirmed that he will be Chancellor as was widely expected.
  • Boris has also arrived.  It look as though he will be taking one of the other four posts.
  • And Osborne has “resigned from the Government”.  He has left Downing Street by the back door.


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