The Chancellor solemnly promised to raise our taxes in an emergency budget in the event of a Leave vote.

Two days on from the result, there’s no sign of it (or for that matter of him).

As we can all agree, Osborne is not the man to try to spook the markets – scarcely the role of a Chancellor – or to threaten voters because of a cynical wheeze.

Nor, for that matter, is he the man to send the Governor of the Bank of England out on television when it is his responsibility to face the British people and confirm his plans.

And after all, in Osborne’s own words, “I get stuck in. You won’t find me hanging around at the back with the baggage train.”

We are deeply concerned about his disappearance, and wonder if our readers can help.

Until or unless the Chancellor is sighted, we will continue to run this appeal.





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