Amongst the defeated, the result of the EU referendum has produced some unhappy results. Some, such as Nicola Sturgeon’s renewed threats to the UK, are serious.

For all the talk of the capital as the fifth home nation, the petition to have Sadiq Khan seek independence for London in order to hold on to EU membership is simply not. Nor are suggestions that Khan be involved in the negotiations with the EU.

The Mayor of London, and the Assembly, are simply well-developed examples of English local government. Should Manchester be included? Bristol? What of the counties?

London may be very big, and starting to evolve a distinct identity, but it is a very long way from being a Home Nation.

It’s status as a global city does lend many of its residents a different perspective, and many will have more sympathy with their peers in cities abroad than with the rest of the UK.

That’s regrettable, and just another sign of how badly we have allowed British identity and attachments to weaken over the last few decades.

But Britain is not a strange planet on which London, like a spaceship, has temporarily landed. It is the country of which London is part, and through being part of which London has had the opportunity to grow into the fantastic city it is.

And it still shapes London more than globally-minded metro-separatists might like to admit, given that more Londoners voted for Leave on Thursday than voted for Khan – 1.5 million, carrying the boroughs of Barking and Dagenham, Bexley, Sutton, Havering and Hillingdon.

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