ConservativeHome interrupts its usual service this morning for an important announcement on behalf of Downing Street.

As readers know, Barak Obama has in effect come out for Remain.  So has Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister.  And so on.

However, one important voice has not been heard in the debate so far.  No recent view has been expressed by Angela Merkel as far as can be seen.

We gather that at the recent G7 summit she simply said that Britain’s EU referendum had not been formally discussed.  Did she miss a meeting?  After all, the group issued a statement.

This lack of support for Remain from Germany’s Chancellor must be incredibly frustrating for Number Ten!  So, as ever, we’re determined to do whatever we can to help.

Which is why we make an appeal today: have you seen this woman?  Do you know where she is?  Are you able to track her down?

If you know of her whereabouts, please contact us urgently here.  We will get straight in touch with Downing Street.  P.S: Our advice is not to approach her yourself, unless of course you wish to emigrate to Germany.