Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 18.42.10The question was whether or not David Cameron and George Osborne and other Remain campaigners…

…or Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and other Leave campaigners…

…or all four and both campaigns equally…

…are most to blame for the dangers to party unity after the EU referendum ends.

We also listed a blame-the-press option, as follows: “There is no substantial danger to party unity after the EU referendum ends. The media is simply getting over-excited as usual.”

The replies from our Party member respondents broke down as follows:

  • 52 per cent said Cameron, Osborne and the Remain campaign is most to blame.
  • 16 per cent said that Boris, Gove and the Leave campaign is most to blame.
  • 11 per cent said blame should be shared equally.
  • And 20 per took the it’s-all-a-media-storm-in-a-teacup option.

Not a helpful finding for Downing Street.

– – –

Elsewhere, on our regular voting intention for the referendum question, there is no movement at worth noting.

  • Definitely for Remain: 19 per cent ( + 2 per cent).
  • Definitely for Leave: 59 per cent ( – 1 per cent).
  • Leaning to Remain: 9 per cent ( + 1 per cent).
  • Leaning to Leave: 10 per cent ( – 3 per cent).

Yet again, the sheer consistency of the survey shines through the returns.

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